posted by Lisa Hirsh

Here at ePanic Button, we think a lot about front desk security and receptionist safety.  We were interested to read U.S. News and World Report includes Receptionist among its top 25 jobs for 2012.  Each year, U.S. News compiles their list of Best Careers based on the U.S. Labor Department’s employment projections.

A good receptionist is worth his or her weight in gold.  These days, their duties are growing to include more sophisticated tasks such as digital communications and helping to maintain an organization’s social media presence.  Rosalind Redrick, executive director of the National Association of Professional Receptionists, says foreign languages, sign language, business education, and computer hardware and software skills enhance an applicant’s qualifications.

Receptionists absolutely are on the front lines when confronting irate or threatening customers and visitors.  More than many other employees, receptionists are in harm’s way and in high risk situations.  Every type of organization, no matter its size,  must protect the safety of receptionists and give them the tools they need to ensure their security and the security of everyone around them.

During bad economic times such as these, when unemployment, stress, and anxiety run high, receptionists are more prone to disturbing and dangerous confrontations and events.  Does your business or organization do everything it can to keep them safe?