GoodwillNon-profit organizations provide a myriad of services for diverse segments of the population.  Most of your clients and visitors are appreciative and orderly, but some can be hostile, disturbed or even violent.

Your employees and volunteers must be safe and protected in every type of situation.

You need an affordable computer-based panic button system that sends alerts and messages to summon and receive help the moment it’s needed.

Easy-to-use for any employee or volunteer, ePanic Button is a cost-effective incident notification system for non-profits. One click discreetly and rapidly sends desktop  alerts, email and text messages.  With ePanic Button, your employees can identify incidents in early stages to prevent them escalating into major, dangerous events.

Situational Uses

  • Front desk reception areas
  • Assistance centers and areas
  • Counseling offices
  • Administrative and departmental offices
  • Exam rooms
  • Client service areas