bigstock_Church_1604365-1Faith-based institutions are sanctuaries and places of worship with an open, welcoming environment.  However, faith institutions also encounter the same security challenges and liabilities as any other for-profit or non-profit organization.

You’re called to protect your clergy, staff, congregation and students with a church security system. You need an easy-to-use incident notification system for all your employees and volunteers who encounter irate, troubled or violent visitors to your facilities.

ePanic Button is a PC-based panic button system that lets anyone identify a situation early on and discreetly and rapidly summon the help and support they need.  You customize your alerts according to levels of urgency – whether you just need other staff to lend back-up support, or you need someone to call 911.

Situational Uses

  • Front desk or lobby
  • Counseling offices
  • Pastoral care offices
  • Assistance centers and areas
  • Administrative offices
  • School offices and classrooms