bigstock_University_Or_College_Building_357323School shootings tragically demonstrate how all schools must be pro-active in providing multi-layered security systems for employees. Procedures for reacting to incidents after they occur are vital, but they aren’t enough.

All faculty and staff need an incident notification system that lets them identify situations early on to prevent them from escalating. School shootings are a major concern, but most situations are low level incidents that do not require deploying a complex mass notification system.

ePanic Button is a campus incident notification system that lets every faculty and staff member rapidly and discreetly summon help – from low levels to high levels of urgency.

Install ePanic Button throughout your school, campus and within multiple locations to give all employees the help and support they need in any type of situation.

Situational Uses

ePanic Button is a customizable system for K-12, community colleges and 4-year colleges and universities.

  • Classrooms
  • Front desk reception areas
  • Faculty, departmental, and administrative offices
  • Counseling centers and offices
  • Student health center
  • Financial aid office
  • Admissions office
  • Libraries
  • Registrar’s office
  • Student accounting office

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