2 bigstock_Office_Building_2074314Customers present disturbing, threatening and dangerous situations in offices every day. These situations are unpredictable and happen anytime, anywhere in any size office.

Businesses cannot risk the safety of their employees and customers. Threats to employees and dangerous incidents also run the risk of disrupting your business with costly consequences.

Your business must be proactive in giving all employees the tools they need to protect themselves and co-workers. Public facing employees must be in control of their safety.

ePanic Button is a PC-based panic button and incident notification system for businesses that gives your employees control and peace of mind. One discreet click of a mouse or hotkey combination rapidly sends desktop alerts, text and email messages so employees get the help and support they need in any situation.

Unlike traditional, hard-wired panic buttons for offices, ePanic Button is completely customizable and flexible:

  • Alert messages say what you want them to say
  • Alert messages go to the people you designate
  • Alert messages identify the sender’s name, location and phone number
  • Alert messages elicit the right response from the right people at the right time.

Situational Uses

  • Front desk receptionists
  • Customer service representatives
  • Nighttime employees
  • Professional services employees
  • Financial services employees
  • Accounts receivable employees
  • Delivery area employees
  • Isolated employees