Protect Employees With Incident Notification System

Don’t wait for a dangerous, disastrous incident to occur before giving all your employees the tools they need to protect themselves in every type of situation.  Public-facing employees must  identify early stage incidents and summon and receive help in all levels of urgency – from low level to high.

ePanic Button is the incident notification system that gives all your front line employees control and peace-of-mind.


Fills the Void Between Employees and Mass Notification Systems

Unlike centralized mass notification systems that alert groups of people after a major security incident is identified, ePanic Button empowers front line employees to:

  • Identify incidents when they first begin
  • Discreetly take control of the situation
  • Summon and receive help for low level to high level incidents

Early stage, lower level incidents do not always require deploying mass notification and law enforcement.

With ePanic Button, front line employees improve early stage response and intervention in any type of situation and protect themselves and everyone around them.

More Flexible Than Traditional Panic Buttons

Unlike traditional, hard-wired panic buttons mounted to furniture with limited capabilities, ePanic Button:

  • Is completely customizable and flexible
  • Distributes desktop alerts , email and text messages that say what you want them to say, and identify the sender’s name, phone number and location
  • Lets alert receivers quickly respond to let the sender so they know their message was received and help is on the way

Simple and Does the Job

  • One click sends desktop alerts, email and text messages - not feature heavy with too many bells and whistles
  • Designed for early stage, low level incidents that do not require complex mass notification or emergency notification systems

 Advantages of ePanic Button

  • Simple – easy to install and use, no additional hardware or software required
  • Customizable – create your own buttons, messages, and receiver groups according to a situation’s level of urgency and receiver’s location, department or role
  • Manageable – runs on your network with support from our cloud-based administrative system
  • Flexible – send any combination of alert messages to any combination of receivers
  • Mobile – no wires or hardware mounted on furniture, desktop alerts on PCs, email and text messages
  • Versatile – also use for medical and weather alerts, meeting reminders, visitor notifications
  • Cost Effective – less expensive yet equally powerful compared to other incident notification systems

Benefits of ePanic Button

  • Empowers front line employees to be in control of situations and their personal safety
  • Enables front line employees to own their personal safety and the security of co-workers and customers
  • Expands your ability to successfully assist co-workers before contacting 911 or on-site security
  • Prevents situations from escalating into threatening, dangerous, or tragic events
  • Reduces your dependency on contacting police for lower level incidents and situations
  • Improves the safety and security of your organization and peace-of-mind of your employees