bigstock_University_Or_College_Building_357323Fatal school shootings tragically demonstrate how critical it is for all schools to be pro-active in providing different types of security plans and systems that help prevent violence. Procedures for reacting to incidents after they occur are vital, but they aren’t enough.

Whether a K-12 school, technical or community college, or four-year college or university, you’re challenged with keeping your faculty, staff and students safe in a positive environment that fosters learning and growth.

Although school shootings are a major concern, not all security incidents require deploying a mass notification systems or contacting campus police or 911.  Your entire faculty and staff need an incident notification system to help them successfully self-manage any type of situation early on, before an incident escalates and gets out of control.

ePanic Button is a campus incident notification system that lets every faculty and staff member effortlessly, rapidly and discreetly summon help – from low levels to high levels of urgency.  You customize our PC-based panic button system according to role of the individual, department or location’s needs.

Install ePanic Button throughout your school, campus and within multiple locations.

Situational Uses

  • Classrooms
  • Front desk reception areas
  • Faculty, departmental, and administrative offices
  • Counseling centers and offices
  • Student health center
  • Financial aid office
  • Admissions office
  • Libraries
  • Registrar’s office
  • Student accounting office

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